Renovating your home can be an exciting process, but a little daunting with so many details to consider. We love working on renovations, helping you to make the most of the space you have. While we don’t offer project management, we can offer assistance with the design, giving you all the information you need to pass on to your builder and tradespeople. Our services can include everything from simple colour selections right through to full design and specification. We offer full renovation services or can just help you with a bathroom or kitchen design.

What does our service include?

Why use an interior designer?

Your home should be your escape from the world and make you look forward to spending time there. It should be a place for you to unwind and relax, a place that is organised and easy to live with, and a happy space for you to share with friends and family. A good renovation will help you achieve this and an interior designer can look at;

  • Helping you understand your floor plan, room sizes and layout
  • The location and sizes of windows and doors
  • How people move through and use each space
  • Understand how the floor plan affects your kitchen and bathroom layouts
  • Think about your storage options and requirements
  • The impact each space has on other areas of the home
  • Consider ease of use and maintenance
  • Understand what finishes will be practical, look great and fit within budget
  • Choosing colours that suit your style and how you live
  • Helping you visualise spaces with drawings or sketches
  • Providing you with clear specifications for your builder and trades so nothing is missed

Just Colours

Up to four hours of exclusive consultation time with a professional interior designer. This appointment gives you clear guidance on colours and finishes in store at your builders’ preferred suppliers, with drawings to help you visualise your basic bathroom layout.

  • 2 hour tile & flooring consultation in-store to choose:
    • Main flooring, vinyl, tile or carpet
    • Porch or patio tile if required
    • Bathroom wall & splashback tiles
    • Kitchen & laundry splashback
  • 2 hour consultation at Ethos Interiors office to cover:
    • Internal doors & handles – from standard range
    • External & internal paint colours as required
    • Cabinetry & benchtop colours for your kitchen, vanity & laundry

At the end of the meeting you will take away all your typed colour selections and product samples.

Full Design Service

Our full design service includes all the details to make sure the build process goes smoothly and efficiently and is the perfect service if you are looking at re-designing rather than just replacing what you already had. We work on the overall layout of your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry including the design of the cabinetry and storage, how the rooms are laid out, ideas for storage, as well as colours, finishes, handles and all the details. We give you 3D drawings of key areas showing all the details, and put together a detailed specification for your builder.

  • Advice on the perfect layout, based on how you use the space
  • Recommendations for storage including cabinetry and pantry options
  • Space planning to make sure your kitchen works perfectly for your family
  • A full joinery design specifying layout, colours and finishes in your budget
  • Selection of finishes including benchtops, cabinets, colours and tiles
  • Suggestions for the tap, sink and appliances based on your style and budget
  • Full 3D sketches and elevations to help you visualise
  • A full specification for your builder and trades to follow

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