Regardless of your industry, your business premises should reflect your branding and target market. The reception and meeting rooms are therefore particularly important to convey your brand message and make your clients feel comfortable and welcomed to your space. Ethos Interiors can help you tie your logo, branding and interiors together to create your perfect space.

Our full design service offers a comprehensive fit-out whether you’re building from scratch, or renovating a space. We can consult on layout and internal design concepts, reception desk design, finishes and colours. We understand commercial slip ratings for different areas, products to give you both looks and durability, sourcing furniture and artwork, advice on your logo display and marketing, as well as general styling advice.


When you’re building a new home the amount of decisions you have to make can be overwhelming. Ethos Interiors offers two different design services to suit your budget.

Our simple colour selection package allows us to meet you at your preferred suppliers and guide you through the colour selection process. This will simplify your decisions, helping you make the right choices. After the appointment we will provide you with a sketched tile layout and a specification sheet outlining all of your selections to pass on to your builder.

We also offer comprehensive design services where we work with you to design your kitchen and bathrooms, and provide a full interior design scheme covering finishes, colours, joinery, handles and more, including full 3D sketches. This service covers every detail to create a carefully thought out and unique home.


A renovation can be overwhelming with so many decisions to make, and so many people offering their opinions! We’ve worked on many renovations and can help with everything from the layout, through to materials, finishes and colours. While we don’t offer project management, we can give you all the information you need to pass on to your builder or trades. Our services include specification documents, 3D sketches and layouts and product samples.

From there, we will recommend all your furniture pieces, suitable rugs, the perfect artwork and the finishing accessories. We will present our recommendations to you with 3D sketches, moodboards and fabric samples so you can see the whole vision. From there, you can take your plan and go shopping, or work with us to make some changes and finish off the design off right through to the final styling.


Whether you’re renovating or building new, a bathroom is one of the most expensive and important parts of the building process. Not only is a great bathroom so vital for re-sale, it is also a busy space that plays a big role in our daily lives. Ethos Interiors can help with a full design service that makes the process straightforward for you.

Creating the right layout is the first, and most important, part of designing your space. Our designers can work through the best layout for the space you have, that suits your ideas and lifestyle. From there, it’s a matter of creating the finished space, choosing materials, design details and colours. We can help you understand different finishes and whether they will work for you, as well as putting together a colour scheme that suits the rest of your home.


With an experienced kitchen designer on staff, Ethos Interiors can help you understand your cabinetry drawings and make adjustments to your floor plans or cabinetry designs. We’ll help you choose the perfect finishes and colours that suit your style and fit within budget.

If you don’t have cabinetry plans yet, we can look at your house plans and help you work out the best layout to suit your needs. We can help you understand different types of layouts and the added features that will finish off your room.

Whether you are looking for a full joinery design from our qualified kitchen designers, or just a review of your colours and layout, we have a variety of services to suit you.


Our comprehensive furniture design services can give you recommendations for the perfect furniture, art and accessories to finish off your space. A floor plan will give you an appropriate layout and sizes of furniture pieces. From there, we will recommend all your furniture pieces, design custom pieces, suitable rugs, and provide general advice on the perfect artwork and the finishing accessories. We will present our recommendations to you with 3D sketches, moodboards and fabric samples so you can see the whole vision.

We can also supply and design rental and fully furnished accommodation from the furniture right down to bedding and kitchen ware.

This furnishing design service is a comprehensive design package for entire rooms or multiple rooms. We do not offer styling/accessory packages. If you need help ordering a piece from a wholesaler, please refer to our furniture sourcing service below.


If you know what you like and are happy sourcing your own pieces, you can take advantage of our discounted designer pricing by ordering your selected pieces through us. Choose anything you like from some of our favourites below, email us and we will get back to you with a quote, lead time and shipping costs.

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