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Unfortunately we don’t accept returns or refunds for change of mind. This is due to the nature of the intellectual property which is provided to you at the time of purchase, and isn’t able to be returned.

If you purchase a product through Ethos Interiors, you may be entitled to manufacturers’ warranties or have certain other rights against manufacturers or importers or goods in respect of faulty or defective goods supplied by us.  Should such a situation arise where you need to rely on such a warranty, we will deliver the warranty information to you and do all things reasonable to assist you in your claim.



It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check their order at the time of purchase or delivery including but not limited to: the dimensions, colours, shade variations, quality, quantity and any other detail shown on any orders.

PLEASE NOTE: Any items delivered directly to your address must be unpacked and checked for damage within 24 hours of delivery. If damage is discovered after this time frame it will not be covered by the supplier or Ethos Interiors. If you choose to organise your own freight and/or delivery, the suppliers will not accept any responsibility for damage or breakages regardless of the time frame.Due to the inherent nature of ceramics, paving bricks, terracotta and natural products such as marble and granite, variations from shipment must be expected.



All tiles should be checked for colour, size and quality before being fixed. Check with your tiler or contact Ethos Interiors for information regarding the aforesaid prior to fixing any tiles. Ethos Interiors will accept no responsibility after tiles have been fixed or used in any other way.

Measurement and quantities must be thoroughly checked with your tiler before being finalised. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of the quantity of product, which you have ordered.

All products sold by Ethos Interiors are to be fixed and applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

All goods must be used in accordance with recognised industry standards.

No responsibility will be accepted by Ethos Interiors for damage which occurs from the use of acids in cleaning or any other procedure which is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Tiles are not guaranteed against “crazing” (The cracking which occurs in fired glazes or other ceramic coatings due to critical tensile stresses.) For further information about crazing, please call Ethos Interiors.

Please check that you have sufficient product before tiling as no guarantee is given that subsequent supplies of the same product will be available or will match in shade or gauge.



Our drawings and specifications are conceptual in nature and intended to set forth design intent only and are not to be used for architectural, engineering or construction purposes.  We do not perform architectural or engineering services.  Should the nature of our design concept plans require the services of any other design professional, such professional shall be engaged directly by you pursuant to separate agreement as may be mutually acceptable to you and such other design professional.

Our services shall not include undertaking any responsibility for the design, modification of the design, of any structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, audio, video or other mechanical systems installed or to be installed at the project.

We are not the manufacturer or importer of any goods supplied to you by us.  To the extent permitted by law, liability for breach of any term implied by law is excluded.

We give no warranty or promises in relation to the goods or services supplied by us and are not responsible to you or any third party for any loss, damage, injury or other claims caused as a direct or indirect result of any defect, deficiency or discrepancy in relation to any goods or services provided by or recommended by us, any delay by us in supplying the goods or services or any failure by us to supply those goods or services.  You indemnify us in respect of any claim or demand made or action commenced by any person against us in connection with any loss arising from or incidental to the use or acceptance of goods and services provided by or recommended by us.









All concepts, drawings and specifications prepared by Ethos Interiors, (Project Documents) and all copyrights therein, remain our exclusive property at all times.  Project documents may not be used by you on any other project or for the completion of this project by you or by any other firm, unless we are actually adjudged to be in default of this Agreement.

In light of the many contingencies that effect design projects, we do not make any representations that actual prices for Decorative Merchandise, Decorative Cabinetry, or other costs or services, will not vary from any budgets which you propose, establish or approve. Accordingly actual project costs may vary from such budgets.












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