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CLASSIC HAMPTONS Bathroom Design Kit



The Classic Hamptons style is a careful blend of high end luxury, relaxation and sophistication. While the style originated in the USA, it’s no suprise that Australians have adapted this luxury coastal and classic style as our own. Defined by it’s classic luxury and soft neutrals and pale blue tones, it’s a style that is perfectly in tune with our traditional homes and lifestyle.


Have confidence in your bathroom design! You’ll know each finish works with the other to create a stunning and cohesive colour scheme. We break down every detail, including:
1. All your colours and finishes picked for you including tiles, vanity colours, benchtops, handles, mirrors, tapware and more
2. Tips and tricks including what height your mixers should be, ways to save cost and other industry secrets
3. Advice on the little details your builder will need like shower screen clips & grout colours

The Hidden Benefits

  • The Ethos style is clean lined and functional while still being stunningly beautiful. You will get all the information to create the style, without needing to invest in a full design service.
  • You'll feel confident in your design choices, knowing that everything works together/
  • You will understand the design jargon, and know what to ask for when you go shopping.
  • You'll be able to lock in the little details so your builder can't make mistakes, small details like the right grout colour make all the difference!
  • You'll have a clean plan to follow, in your own time! You've got your own PDF that you keep for whenever you decide to go ahead, knowing you've got the Ethos backing behind you.
  • Implement it exactly, or just use it to inspire your own unique style - you don't have to stick to the plan exactly. Get the knowledge and tweak it to your own tastes!

Have a designer on your side

Not only do you get a bathroom specification with the Ethos style, you also have the option to buy through us, saving you time and money.

  • You can buy the products directly from us with our easy order form.
  • Get help from our designers to place your orders.
  • We'll help you get the correct sizes, finishes & details!
  • Have the products delivered directly to your door, no traipsing around shopping in your free time.

Products specified in your kit

  • Tiles & grout colours
  • Vanity design, finishes & handle
  • Feature mirror and lighting
  • Tapware style & colours
  • Shower screen details & sizes
  • Designer tips & tricks

We appreciated, in particular, the way in which they organised and facilitated the selection of materials for our renovations. We are very grateful to Ethos for their helpful advice and assistance, delivered always in a timely and friendly manner.


I love everything about the designs put together, and it has changed my whole home.


I cannot recommend Ethos Interiors highly enough! Anna and her team provided us with the most beautiful interior design and exceeded our expectations in every way. They were spot on for budget and time, and so friendly and great to deal with.